Varya Akulova – Anak Gadis Terkuat ! Umur 13thn bisa Angkat 350KG

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Varya Akulova. She is considered to be the world€__s strongest girl.
And when she was 13, I€__d have to say that statement is pretty accurate.
Then, Varya weighed 40kg and was able to lift 350kg. While I have
absolutely no clue how to convert those metrics, seeing that she can
lift almost 9 times her body weight is quite significant.

Varya Akulova is capable of lifting up to 350 kg, while she herself
weighs only 40 kg and she is the strongest girl on the world. This fact
has already been confirmed twice by Guinness Book of World Records.

Varya’s muscles are barely visible but she has tremendous will-power, translucent body and thread-like tendons.

Varya says, “I wish I could be big, really big: 190 cm tall and weigh more than 100 kg, like my dad.”

Despite the daily workouts, Varya is a top student in her class. Currently, she is in 7th grade. She learnt to read at 3.

I€__m not quite sure what compels a 6-year-old to be a freak of nature
but I guess someone had to be the strongest kid in the neighborhood. By
the way, apparently this girl was able to lift 220 lbs at the age of
four. While I€__d like to see proof of this, just hearing it leads me to
believe that at her current age of 13, most of her female €__parts€_ are
probably bigger than my male parts.

Now she€__s 17 but most of these photos are of her younger days. They are both amazing and disturbing

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